Sunday, 20 March 2016

Arduitape on the ZX Spectrum

How to use the Arduitape with the ZX Spectrum.

Sorry I've been a little quiet recently but I've managed to get my grubby little mitts on a ZX Spectrum + 48k and have been testing it with the Arduitape. Unlike the MSX and other 8-bits the only limitations on frequency of the .WAV files is no higher than 22050 Hz due to the limitations of the software used. I was expecting to have all the difficulties of the MSX but I've tested lots of files at different frequencies and they all work fine.

I've been using TZX2WAV to do the conversions. Open a command window. Type 
tzx2wav -f [desired frequency] [filename].tzx [filename].wav 
and that's it.

I have been trying to experiment with a programme called OTLA which can output various formats of Spectrum, ZX81, Amstrad, and MSX files that playback at a higher rate and essentially turn a 5 minute loading game in to a 30 second loading game however it outputs at either 44100Hz or 48000Hz which is too high for the Arduitape to play back and any attempts to lower the frequency have met with failure so far. I'm not sure whether it's been my settings on OTLA that have been the fault or the resampling. I am trying to reprogramme a version of OTLA to output at 22050Hz as well but the original programme was compiled with Borland C++ and it can only be recompiled with Borland.

Experimenting with the possibilities of a Spectrum version of Casduino which will play PZX files is ongoing.