Monday, 29 May 2017

TZXDuino 1.6

Now that I have my CPC464 all set I've been testing .CDT files and have noticed a few issues. The first is that when I altered the code that sped up things for the Spectrum I messed things up for the CPC so that has been rolled back. The second is that with the CPC the motor control and pause after blocks is very important and TZXDuino isn't calculating a long enough pause for some games which causes them to fail. This seems to be a limit to the TimerOne library of 8,191 milliseconds (1F FF). This obviously is a big issue that needs more investigation.

*Fixed the garbled text bug (thanks to Rafael Malins Chesserot for that one)
*Rolled back an update that made files load faster on the Spectrum but broke files on the CPC.
*Added a 2.25 second delay on playback after a motor control pause to fix issues with compacted multiload games from

* There is a discrepancy between length of time of pause after block and what the actual pause time is. This affects some Ocean games (Rainbow Islands, Batman The Movie, Salamander). Sometimes they load as they should but other times they don't.
* A more efficient way of moving back one folder that uses up less memory.

The latest version can be downloaded from here

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